Saturday, July 10, 2010

School snippets

Every school day I listen to endless school stories from the kids. It's interesting, funny, disgusting, scary, as well as "menggeramkan". And often, I want to write it out so that I can keep the stories alive. Then again I never get around to write as time does not permit me. Two snippets below however are still fresh in my mind and it's kinda hilarious and at the same time "woke me up"!

Snippet 1
A few weeks ago as we were having breakfast before kids went off to school and hubby to work, I commented something about dear hubby. Something about his appearance. He didn't quite like what I said so I had to counter it with something else so that it will not spoil his morning. Then we were interrupted by Irsyad who said this .. "Oh you know Mom, yesterday as I reached the school, my friend saw you and asked me, is that your grandma?"I can feel for a moment my world stopped, my jaw dropped to the floor and my body sinking into the ground! So what did you say, I asked. "Nope, it's my mom". The whole time the whole family was listening. And dear hubby, instead of saying something to soothe me as not to "spoil my day".. had to say this.. there I told you, you have to watch your appearence, bla bla bla. It really spoiled my day! I felt bad the whole day and thought real hard... gosh, I looked that old? Being a housewife has changed that much?? Oh dear!

Snippet 2
Just last week I had to attend the report card day for Eussuv and Syasya. Everything went well, nothing extraordinary. At home, just near bed time that nite, as I was feeling so exhausted after a long day of "work", Eussuv opened his mouth and told his story. Two gals in his class were chatting while waiting for their parents to come for their report cards. Parents were seated just outside the class while waiting for their turn. One of the gals said, ok let's see who's mom is prettier, yours or mine. The other gal agreed and they waited impatiently for their moms to turn up. Suddenly came this "grandma" flashing a smile and popping her head into the class to ensure she was in the right class. And the gals were amazed and said... my god, who's mom is that.. so so pretty (better expressed as .. mak sapa tu? lawa gilaaa!!)!! The other gal said, hmmm let me guess, must be Eussuv's mom! She turned around and asked Eussuv: Eussuv, is that your mom? Nonchalantly, Eussuv admitted the mom who is "lawa gilaaaa" is his mom! The gals then said, there you go, our moms "dah kalah". I was laughing really hard... I was no longer exhausted. It was like an antidote suddenly being injected into my body after the grandma episode!

Sometimes I can go crazy with the kids, but there are also the ones who will cure me. They actually taught me a lot about life around me and they are the ones who actually made me realise of who I am and what I really am. One thing for sure now, I no longer take my appearence lightly especially with the kids around!!


Amal said...

hehe... tak larat nak senyum baca entry u nih... ;D

Mommy dearie said...

Amal, senyum perli, funny or what???