Monday, March 8, 2010

Unbearable heat

Perhaps the world is coming to its end. The weather around the world is at its worst. While one part is experiencing extreme cold, this part is having the worst heat ever. I don't think I have ever experienced this kind of heat in my entire life. Not even in the Holy Land! It's simply too hot!! Surely my next electricity bill will explode. The aircond is on most of the time day and night.. I'm almost suffocated. I'm one person who prefers natural air to aircond. And yet, in the current weather I can only stand a few hours of the natural air! I bet it's a different story if you are in the office the whole day, you don't feel much heat. Even the rain does not help. When it rains, the heat is even worse since the hot air comes up to the air due to the rain. 

Ya Allah, please have some mercy on us! Please cool the earth.
And people... stop contributing to the global warming!

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Yusni MJ said...

Hopes the weather getting better soon with plenty of shower in the evening.