Thursday, March 18, 2010

The last few days of "freedom"

I'm enjoying my last few days of "freedom" before my maid goes off for good. I'm watching Barbie as Rapunzel with the kids while blogging. Well, it's not like I have been sitting here since I woke up..! I have finished one round of cleaning my bedroom and one toilet. I've bathed the two little kids and feed them. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally and physically for being maidless. Not that I never live without them, it's just that this time it may be for a longer time or for good? We'll see how long I can take it. Not that I have to go to work anyways! I should be able to care for my family myself, shouldn't I? 

Apart from the luxury of free time and leisure that I might lose, I will definitely miss my maid. So will the kids. She will also miss us for sure.  I will miss her sambal and doughnuts and all the nice meals she cooked for us.I thought she would be happy to be sent home but I just discovered that she is rather sad and scared to go back. Going home, even means to be with her two kids, she will face hardship of raising her kids in poverty. It will also mean she has to face villagers who would think she has done something bad because she goes back before her contract ended. Even worse when they will eventually discovered that she's pregnant. They will just talk bad, even they know she's here with her husband. That's how their lives are!

I wish her the best, I pray for her well-being. I also pray for me ... for being maidless. I shall enjoy these few moments till the day comes (which is about 8 days away!).


3yearshousewife said...

Mommy dearie,
Welcome to the club (which I will soon leave, having mixed feeling about it)
Wishing you all the best and enjoy those few precious days of freedom.

Mommy dearie said...

Thanks 3yhw..
And for you too, all the best adjusting to "resumed" life in Malaysia (I figured you are coming home yes?)..