Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year

I seem to have forgotten how to write! There are just too many things to do that my desire to write is almost non-existent! And talk about wanting to be a writer.. what a joke huh..

Anyways, I don't know how time has slipped by too fast. 2009 was a year of too many things. Too many! I would say it was a good year. It's been a year now that I am a housewife. It's kinda funny to say it at first, a housewife. I thought at least I should be a "work-at-home-mom". That was the original plan. Somehow along the way, it just didn't turn out to be like I wanted. Perhaps I'm not determined enough. Perhaps I didn't have a good plan after all. So now, the title "fulltime housewife" is pasted rather firmly on my forehead.

For 2010, still, my plan include to generate some income. How? God knows. It definitely will not fall from the sky .... I have to do something. I am still thinking.

The kids are slowly settling down at school. It's pretty hectic with all 3 going to school. Worst is, starting next week they finish at 3 different times (1:00pm. 1:30pm, 2:00pm)! And their agama school starts at 2:30pm. How chaotic is that? If the school is walking distance from my house I will have no problem. But it's about 8mins drive away (without any traffic!). And they say housewives are the luckiest person on earth to be at home??? But no matter what, I AM still glad to be at home.

2010 will be a year full of hope. Irsyad will be sitting for his UPSR. I am more nervous than him! I am rather confident of his capabilities but still we never know. I just hope he will do well and his wishes to excell is fullfilled. I also hope Eussuv will do better, and I have seen some improvement, not academically yet but his attitude towards school. I hope it will last. Syasya is in Year One and already enjoying school. But she is rather apprehensive about going to agama school in the afternoon. Perhaps because she's tired. Hope she'll get used to it.

I hope things in general will be better this year. I can feel the difference already. Still can't quite believe I am housewife!!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it'll be a great year for everybody.


3yearshousewife said...

Mommy dearie, you'll be on the road quite a lot then.
Yeah, children in Msia got a lot in their hands to deal with.

SabrinaWM said...

though "housewife" has a lot more to do and a lot busier than the non-full time housewife, I do envy those who manage to do that. Enjoy the full time and good luck with the plan being a part-timer. Who knows, with a little bit more determination, you'll be able to make it!

I still have a long curviest road to follow through to be able to reach the part time house-wife title :(

mamachupan said...

I totally understand the crazy schedule, we have 8 drop-offs and pick-ups in one day..

Sister, you are still a working-mom, its just that you work within home while some parents work outside home.. You may or may not generate income but definitely still contributing so importantly to your children and the country.. Well-done!

Mommy dearie said...

Tq for the encouraging words friends.. the grass is always greener on the other side. When u work 9-5 u want to stay at home, when u stay at home u want to work. I think support is important. Especially from friends like u all. Thanks again.