Monday, December 28, 2009

My baby has graduated!

This is rather an overdue entry. My only girl has graduated from pre-school. How time flies. It was only yesterday I sent her to pre-school. Next year she will join her big brother at the sekolah kebangsaan. The real world. Oh how I fear for her. I hope she'll do well adapting with new environment.

With best friend Adam.

The graduating class.

One for the memories. Grand finale concert, a Dangdut dance "Memori Daun Pisang"... despite the funny title, they danced rather gracefully.


Yusni MJ said...

She really looks like you Toyah.

Congrats on being a great mother and see her through till kindergarten.

Yes her journey just begin. Bring me back to 30 plus years ago where we were in Sek Keb Ahmad Pekan, eh.

Mommy dearie said...

What more can I say! Tq!