Friday, August 7, 2009

Re-unions .. re-unions

I attended three re-unions for the past two weeks. It's a great feeling meeting people in your past who used to share happiness and sorrow at any one point of your life. Usually during meetings like this you only talk about the good times and laughed back at what had happened then... even though at that time you thought your life was ending! Then we would be thankful that we are able to look back at all. Bad moments are usually not mentioned or become funny altogether. Wounds seemed to heal, bad intentions or wrongdoings forgiven or forgotten. Friendship is all that matters.

The first re-union was of my other half's high school re-union. It was a big one held at a nice resort just outside KL. It was an overnite event. About 80 of them turned up with their families. They actually have it every year but somehow this is the first time we joined them. It was great getting into the world where you did not exist before in your other half's life. I did not feel left out at all, made some new friends, played some telematch and enjoyed socializing with some of the spouses. Kids were not forgotten with lotsa goodies and fun. I would say they are one generous batch... every family went home with something, lucky draws, prizes, goodies and best.. more memories with friends.

The second re-union was with my ex-colleueges whom I didn't see for a few months.. oh ok. I should not call it a re-union? Maybe I should call it a catch-up session. It's good to re-connect to the working world again but I was glad after that I don't have to go back to the office after that.

And the third one was the one I enjoyed the most. A re-union with some great college friends. Though I get to meet some of them regularly, getting all of us together at one place and one time is not an easy thing to do. Only 14 of us turned up but it was enough to take us down to the memory lane. It was lot of catching up and time rewind! Lots and lots of laughter. Too much that I went home with fever (exaggerating a bit.. I was already getting sick when I arrived!). Too bad I had to leave early .. the rest stayed until the place was closing! The first re-union we had was some 15 years ago. Looks (and perspective perhaps?) may have changed but we felt as though we were transported back to Bloomington where we shared so so much great (and bad) memories. Memories that brings all of us together. Funny, everybody seems to be as young as we were before (minus the look of course)... cracking the same kind of jokes, making funny remarks, teasing and laughing.. It was just so cool!

Nope... I no longer wish to turn back the time to then, just memories are good enough. Re-unions make you look back and see where you are now, where you were before, what you have changed what you have not, where you have progressed in life --- as compared to your friends! That's the only bad side of it.. then again only if you are the type who likes to compare and be challenged about it or be content or just be happy of who you are and where you are. To me... I'm just happy to have some laughter, remember old times, and the best still .. always have my friends!


3yearshousewife said...

Yes, it is always good to meet up with old friends.

SabrinaWM said...

Talking down the memory lane...:). That's the best part about reunion, I agree. This short meeting, cannot bring spouse la, nanti boring.

Make the time for IU7 - he he, if I can find the time to organize it!