Sunday, January 11, 2009

The overdue wake up calls

I had on overdue wake up call yesterday. It's like something that just hit me HARD!

I NEVER had a weight problem before and suddenly now I'm way too deep in it! Haha! Yeah I still couldn't believe I actually have a weight problem. Not that I'm boasting, but I have always been on the "small" size.. and I never care about my weight anyways.. But for the past two weeks or so, I can feel it.. I feel so heavy, sluggish, and worst, I can't fit into my jeans without having to squeeze my life into it. And yesterday, reality hit me when I saw the reading on the weight scale at my sister's place. I'm like 10kg way too heavy too my liking! Yup.. 10kg. Oh boy.. this is really not me.

Irsyad, - the vain one, also thinks that his mom is overweight and he gave me loads of "advice" on how to lose weight (this is what he heard from his Science teacher). His advice:
1) You must eat less rice, but lots of vege and fish
2) You must eat a lot of fruits
3) You must exercise, i.e. jogging.. or you can play badminton with us..

OK.. good advice. But he also said this.. "And mommy, I think you are a bit MALAS.. like malas to move about! You have to be rajin a bit. More active!" HUH??? Really? Heavy bum! This really hit me.. another wake up call. It really made me think A LOT. Sadly, it's rather true.
While still thinking about it I stumbled upon a very interesting health article about losing weight. The top two ways to lose weight - and really work - are portion control (eat less) and exercise (brisk walking particularly). But this will only show the results in 2-3 months depending on how committed you are. Seems easy enough but not so easy to stick to it if you don't have the strongwill. I strongly believe in these two methods as I have seen a living example who has transformed from a shy ands cute (ugly but adorable) duckling to a elegant and glamorous duckling - with lots of self-confidence! No kidding.

So other than trying to make money on-line, losing weight will be my other resolution for this year. Since yesterday, I rationed my meal intake, and start my exercise session, morning and late afternoon. And most importantly, try not to be MALAS! Hopefully my efforts will bear some fruits .. say, in the next 2 months or so?


Yusni MJ said...


I think it's the blogger problem on why you couldn't leave the comment on my blog. I sometimes got that problem. Anyway, this is just the beginning and has always been the easiest. My problem is to maintain the momentum and push myself towards doing the stuff consistently.

Ok let's make a pack of doing the routine walking and eat less and see how well we have slimmed down by this quarter.

I forget to tell you staying at home, really adds abundance to our life (weight especially). I have always had a problem in that area anyhow.

But seriously you with weight problem? I really couldn't imagine that.

Mommy dearie said...

Believe me Yus, I really do have a weight problem! And really worried about it...