Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 1 great challenge

It was a CHALLENGING day 1 of school. Not to so much to the kids.. but to me. And Omar was the star of the day. It was a hectic and chaotic day. Every year, I normally send the kids to school on the first day of school just to know where their classes and who their teachers are. After that they will follow the school transport. This year is the same with additional chaos. Maybe trivial to other people.. but not to me because it added some unnecessary stress.

Chaos number 1 caused by the kittens who decided to camp in the car tyres and jumped onto the engine when I started the car in the morning to send the boys to school. We then couldn't locate the kitten. Fearing the kitten's life, we had to drive the other car. Because of this, we were 10 minutes late than our original time. Luckily the boys were still on time for schools. They are both on different session of schools. One goes to the sekolah kebangsaan and the other sekolah agama in the morning and vice versa in the afternoon. Fortunately also, Syasya only started school on Tuesday.

What happened the rest of the day were a few more trips back and forth to school for sending and fetchig the older boys. It was actually another 5 trips including their tuition in the evening and enrolling Syasya into a piano class. In all five trips, Omar kicked up such irritating fuss before and during the trip!! He would make a fuss on what to wear, what to bring, didn't want to be hold in the crowded school and busy road, and so on. I simply couldn't just picked up the car keys and go. Worst was I couldn't leave him behind. Even at home, he trotted like a puppy behind me.. ALL THE TIME. He only wanted me to bathe, feed and wash him. Just ME!! The minute he lost sight of me, he would screamed like mad! He was never as clingy as this before. I was really up to my neck with him yesterday. I was seething!! And his brothers and sister also noticed this "weird" behavior of his. Thank God I have prepared everything for school and no major disaster in that area.

Perhaps it's payback time.. for leaving him with the maid all the this while? Perhaps the other kids would react the same if I would have retired earlier when they were Omar's age. Maybe.

It's better today since I made only one trip that is to Syasya's school in the morning while Omar is still in bed. The kids seemed to be happy enough so far with me around, of course. As for me, though tired and irritated (with Omar!), I felt calm inside. No other stress. The feeling of not having to go out to work is simply wonderful. I hope it will remain so. Though a bit chaotic in the beginning, I am very sure and I feel good after all. And I'm ready to face all other challenges. THIS is the REAL challenge!


mamachupan said...

At least your kids can go on a school transport, we are still sending and picking up kids from school and there will be 6 trips altogether once sekolah agama Arif dah start.. Wah tution and piano lessons some more?? We can only afford cooking lesson (free by papa) hehehe.. Alahai Omar, so cute.. !!

Mommy dearie said...

Tan.. setakat ni boleh mampu lagi all those. Later tak tau lah .. if not some might have to take a backseat!