Friday, May 16, 2008

..of Exams ...

It is exam week for the kids ... and guess who's the most stressed person in the household? Yours truly. As though I am the one who's taking exams!! What's with the kids these days? In "my time", my parents never knew what I learnt at school, what they know is that I must get good results. And how did I do it? I don't know. HAHA! I just passed.

These days, they need to be handheld.. they need to be "guided" through their books. Or is it just me being overly concerned? I checked their exam schedule. I checked (READ) their books, all of it - text, workbooks and note books. I made sure they cover all units that they have learned. How stressful is that? More stressed when they don't understand a thing what they wrote or how they got the answers that way!! HAH!!

Oh well.. maybe I'm being too concerned. They should be trained to be independent, just like I was before. But hey, these days there are too many "contributing factors" to why are easily strayed away from their books.. such as :
1) ASTRO - channel 600s
2) PS2
3) PSP..
4) Ben10
5) Marbles..
7) Computers -- Internet
7) everything else that they can turn into toys.. (yup even Handyplast has become a "toy" in my household!!)

HOW am I going to make them sit down and do their work at least (at least!!) for half an hour without any interruption? FAT chance. And worst... the little mischief brother (obviously not having any exam of his life...) will come by and pull big brother for another session of "iyyahhhh... iyahhhhh... DUSH"!!!

I saw an article in my mailbox today - "How to raise happy kids".. interesting.. yet to read. Scared to read cos I think I've created "less happy kids" (I was gonna say monsters... hahah) by controlling them too much of their childhood. It scared me to think that I have limited to their freedom as kids, then again I am more scared to "leave" them to create their own future i.e... not studying and all, do whatever they want.

And really how old are all of them?? Irsyad is going to be 10 in July, Esssuv going to be 8 in October, Syasya 5 in October, and Ryan Omar 2 in July. Me over-reacting about their exams? Don't think so.. one has to start early. A strong foundation will build a solid and sustainable structure. HUH?

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mamachupan said...

Tu lah kita kecik kecik dulu mana ada parents sit down with us near exam time like what we are doing right now. Dahlah the lessons are so tough, don't really know how kids managed to keep up.. The whole time I helped preparing Arif for exam, I keep complaining about everything, dar cikgu math Arif, sekolah, buku teks, Malaysian education system.. habislah semuanya..hahaha..