Thursday, May 15, 2008

... and the journey begins .

I consider writing this blog as a beginning of another journey for me as I have just added another "picture" in my life. It is also a very important one in my life as this is part of my steps towards realising one of my many dreams. Oh yeah... writing a blog? Part of a dream? Hmmhh.. well... I have this dream of being a writer. Yet I put this off for many many lame excuses like, no time, no platform to write on, no ideas, ... and so on. Yes, one of my many dreams is to be a writer. Not that I'm a good writer but I like to write.. as much as I like to talk. However I do find that I express myself better in writing. So here I am, writing this blog. Why again?

1) It will be a platform for me to practise my writing (hoping that someday I will become a star writer ..tsk..tsk.)
2) To pour my heart out whenever I need to (most likely very often..)
3) To share with people out there what I do most (not best)... being a mom to my kids - having said that this will be the main focus of this blog
4) To get tips on how to "control" myself from being a MEAN mom, how to be a "super"mom (possible??), any kinds of tips that I can get for any of the topics I shall be posting.
5) To build up some fun mothering networking...
6) And for ALL other reasons in the world.. I can go on and on..

Oh well... so let's get down to business.

I am so glad I've written this far.. there'll be no more mushy ta ta te te after this...

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