Friday, May 16, 2008

The "my-kids-are-better-than-yours" syndrome

Have you met anybody with the above syndrome. I'm sure you have in many encounters with other parents. Me being a working mother seldom had the opportunity to talk to other parents, well at least not regularly. I only had the chance to meet other parents during parent-teacher day at aschool or any other occassions where I had to go to school and got to meet other parents. Thus these encounters are usually short ones.

However recently I sent my 2 elder boys for tuition and I got to meet other parents quite regularly while sending or fetching them to and from the tuition class. I had nothing against this lady really, we got along fine. I sometimes enjoyed her company. The only problem I had is this syndrome. It's always her son's school is better.. what she did for her son is better, SHE knows better how to educate the kids (since she was an ex-teacher) and so on. Oh pleassseee...

OK.. I'm not supposed to say bad things about other people in my postings really. But this syndrome bothers me. As though I'm not doing a good job as a parent.

To me there's no "best" way of being a parent. It is something acquired, you learn it day by day. It is on the job training. Of course there are guides and tips, but every family is unique. Every problem is handled case per case basis. It may be applicable to one but maybe not to another.

I for one never think what I do is the best as a parent. Or my kids are the brilliant ones, the most behaved ones, or the most beautiful ones. Of course they are, in my eyes. But I would never put down other people kids to show that my kids are the best.

Every parent has their own ways of raising their kids. They would do anything for their kids (well at least I hope so, though there are some took advantage of their own kids) ... but you don't have to put down other kids for the best of your kids.. !!

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Allo sister.. wah it took so long for you to leave a comment in my blog.. heheheh.. eh your blog is nice also although belum sempat tengok habis habisan.. will comment more later.. heheheh..