Friday, October 31, 2014

Capturing memories

One of the joys of life is having children. It is one of the God's greatest gifts. Thus I can understand the sorrow of those of not having one. Then again they are bestowed with other great things in life, other God's great gifts nonetheless. As God is fair to all.

To capture life's precious moments with kids is almost impossible ..not even in your memory box. Though I wish I could. There'll be pictures and videos. And another mean is blog. But how much can you write? Bits and pieces maybe. Thus perhaps I could start again what I've started in the first place... to write about the joy of raising them, the hurdles, the solutions, the thoughts and hopes. Perhaps when I grow old, or when THEY grow old there'll be memories in words that they can hold on to and able to put a smile on their faces or tears in their eyes.

There are so much in life that pass you by without you realize it and not get a hold of it. Time passes so quickly that you don't even get to stop and smell the roses. Time is ticking and we must make the most of it. In shaa Allah.

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