Friday, January 24, 2014

Wallaa... It's 2014!

And who would have known.. Despite the storm, the rain , the flood... It's here. 2014.. Hoping for a great year ahead. Thankfully I had a great start. As I have stop hoping for the star.. I just need to hop and reach for it...

Nevertheless, 2013 has been somewhat a great year despite the storm the turmoil that I had to go through. Perhaps I shouldn't think about any more storms but just go out there and dance in the rain and make the most of it in whatever condition. Because it will pass.. the storm, the rain, it will pass.

It was a great year for my kids as each of them proudly made achievements in their lives. My eldest scored straight As in his junior high exam, my second one bravely went through hardship of being in a mediocre school inhabitant by gangsters! Well done for him for not getting into gangsterism as well. My princess maintained a top 20 in school..  good enough for me as she enjoyed school all throughout. And my little baby - who's definitely lost his baby smell..- made a shockingly well performance in his exams which qualified him to be in the first class in the school. It is truly unexpected of him as most of the time, all throughout the year I wonder if he understand school at all! I am happy for all of them and I thank God for making it possible. He heard my prayers and granted it.. again.

And I .. achieved another milestone, another certificate of achievement to add to my collection of certs. Something I've been wanting to be in for a long time. I am now a certified translator. I feel so great having achieved this. It's like a dream comes true.. Except that I have yet to put it to use. Soon, if God wills.. 2014.

Having said that, I pray hard that 2014 will be a great year, better that the great 2013. I shall brave all the hurdles, I shall take the challenge, I shall get rid of all the storms! InsyaAllah, InsyaAllah.

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