Monday, July 2, 2012

If you think..

Let's play a game of if you think... you should do this when you are having a hard time dealing in anything, anyone. Perhaps it can help you to rationalise, get back on track and perhaps take the next action.

If you think life is hard, think of the Somalians who has no food to eat, no shoes to wear and no medicine when you are sick.. Or just think of those here in our homeland, those who are so poor that they had to live in a shack.. those who are running away from the "ah longs" .. or those who are homeless and live on the streets or under the bridge, with their kids! Thank God for giving us a comfortable home, and food on the table.

If you worry about  being sick, think about those with chronic illness such as the big C. If you wish you had married somebody else, think about it.. he could be worse than whom you are already married to. If you think you hate your house, your car, your clothes ... think of those who has none of these, no house, no car, torn clothes (or really outdated ones!!)..

There are so many thoughts that could enter your head and you could twist it around for positive thoughts (if it's negative). We complain so much about our lives that we forget other people around us may have it worse. Or even they look like they have everything, a perfect house, perfect partner, perfect "bank balance"... only God knows what's lurking around their seemingly perfect life. What's important is how you live your life that suits you. Take life one at a time. Take life's challenge as part of this beautiful life. Live to the fullest as though death is just around the corner. Appreciate what is blessed for you, appreciate your family and friends. Appreciate even the problems and challenges you face as they make you stronger. And pray hard, that there'll be lights at the end of the tunnel. Regardless!

This is a reminder, for me especially and the rest out there! May Allah bless us always.