Monday, June 18, 2012

I feel like writing today...

I really feel like writing today but I somehow have not much to tell as life has not been in the light of the rainbow of late. I wish to go back to my life as it was before but it seems to be impossible.

Then again on the bright side I can talk about other things in life that goes on regardless of my not so "bright" days. 

I can talk about Irsyad who's doing very well in his boarding school. He's doing well in his studies as well as in his co-curriculum where he's a school debater (surprisingly... as he's not much of a "talker" at home!). He has been to a few national debate championship and won some rounds! He really surprised us. And I'm so proud of him.

And there's the playful Eussuv who has too much to talk about all the time. He's sitting for his UPSR this year and yet shows no signs of stress or whatsoever! His focus on studies is very much marred by his co-curricular activities like futsal, soccer, game or whatever you name it other than studying! He's also his school's head prefect. I pray hard that he scores all As in his exams because I want him to follow Irsyad's footsteps to the boarding school. Off you go kids!

Syasya my only princess, has finally bloomed into a 'real' girl thank God! She wanted to be a boy last year and thankfully has changed direction this year. She had Greyson Chance on her door, and One Direction for her phone wallpaper (MY phone actually! Sigh!) She's beginning to care for her dressing instead of football jersey! She wants to buy jeans and nice girl t-shirt.. and shoes! The only thing is that I'm too broke to buy it for her. So she has to make do with whatever girl stuff she already has in her wardrobe and wait until I can afford anything nice and chick for her. Poor gal!

And there's my growing up baby, Omar. He's such a baby at 6 years old and yet growing up fast. He can finally read and now trying to read every single word he sees. Thank God for that too as I was a bit worried about his academic development. He however has become one non-stop energetic "creature" who can only stay put when he's sleeping! Other that that he's always on the move, jumping, walking, running.. tirelessly! He's also very talkative and has a lot to say about everything. And much to his brothers' and sister's annoyance too, but at the same time he's so much fun to play with. Oh well ... he is the baby of the family anyway!

Despite whatever that I'm going through now, I thank God for these blessings ... the joy of seeing the kids grow in front of me, healthily and happily. I just hope the dark clouds will go away soon and I will see the rainbows again.


Mama Chupan said...

These kids are so great.. Irsyad is doing so well.. Eussuv will be great too, I am sure.. Syasya so sweet.. I am sure there are enough not-so-expensive girlie things around for he.. and I'd bet Omar makes you laugh all the time.. Enjoy them Toyah and don't worry too much about anything.. :-)

Mommy dearie said...

Tq Mama Chupan. Hope the light will appear soon in this seemingly so long a dark tunnel! And life surely has to go on in the dark and we will make the best of it!