Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's almost over..

It's November! I can't believe it. Before I know it the kids have finished their exams. That's such a relief but I'm not sure if I've done a good job "tutoring" them. I can see some improvement in Syasya but Eussuv seems to be getting nowhere. Eussuv is really worrying me since next year is his UPSR.  All he wanted to do is play futsal, 'facebooking', or just do anything other than studying! 

November also means the upcoming school holidays. There'll be lots of trips to here and there such as to the mall, to friend's house, or any event for that matter. I plan to enroll them into short events just as last year's tahfiz program. I have yet to identify any program though. One thing for sure, a crash course for Eussuv to prepare him for next year's lessons. This one is a must to get him started and perhaps, focused!
There will also be lots of food to be prepared since they will be at home most of the time. This will surely fill up my time and oh .. how tiring. I can already imagine!

Regardless.. that's what life is all about. Regardless, I have to go through it. It is my life, my responsibilities, my job! I have to make the best out of it, try to enjoy it, try to live it up and pray hard that whatever we plan or not plan will turn out well without any disasters! 

Let's enjoy the year end and pray that everybody will be happy. InsyaAllah!

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