Monday, October 17, 2011

I love Mondays!

I love Mondays.. really I do. I know most people hate Mondays because they have to leave the weekends. Because they have to resume work, because they have to start school, because they have to endure another week of work or school. But I love Mondays because all of that! Haha.. I know people will hate me for this.

Ever since I am a stay at home mom or a domestic goddess or whatever you want to call me, I love Mondays. My weekends are always full of activities, things to do, places to go, people to meet. I hardly have my chill out time - meaning - I have no rest. Not that I rests on weekdays but I do allocate some time for me.. some me time be it 10 mins or one hour or more (most likely 1 hour is usually the most I get!) Come Sunday night I kinda get excited knowing that Monday is just a few hours away and I will have my quiet moment soon.

Regardless, though I have my break on weekdays, my work around the house goes on and on. While the working people have their days off, I have none. I only have my "little" chill out time when others are at work or school. The quiet time that I always look forward to, means just hanging around the house doing nothing or watch TV or read a good book (though sometimes I wish I was away somewhere, at the spa or roaming around some beautiful city) But still, on top of that I have this little timer in my head reminding me what to do next.

Today is rather a great Monday. A great start of the week by me being the lawn mower man in the morning (thanks to the powerful Black and Decker technology!) cook later, then driver to the kids to and from school. Last week I was the plumber when the kitchen sink was somehow stuck. Life is great. Life goes on.

And let's pray that this great feelings remain until tonight at least!

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