Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am a WAHM

I've been wanting to be a Work At Home Mom ever  since I quit my job in 2009. It's been two years and still ... I am still a stay at home mom TRYING to be a Work at Home Mom. I have made some efforts, worked some plans, bought some books, registered myself to online courses.. and the list goes on. Nothing works.. yet.

A month ago, out of boredom as well as a bit of desperation (as my bank account is drying up!) I signed up for a work at home ad. Not that I've never done this before but I'm rather serious this time. I had to do it. I did some deep thinking about the whole thing. I know how it works. They are all the same. It requires some efforts, continuous efforts. Nothing is easy. It's just like working 9-5, you still need to work. That's why it's called work at home. The challenge is a lot more though. You really have to be discipline on time allocation, otherwise you will not make it. Then you have to be online. If you are not a techie, it's not a problem, your mentor should teach you. Yup, you should have a mentor to be successful in this line (a mentor is great to have for whatever line you are in, don't you think?)

Another important success factor is motivation. Staying at home you tend to have low morale.. most of the time. It is always stressful (well at least for me!) to have a routine housework to do and no time for yourself. To actually work at home, plus all the never ending housework to do, is no joke. There are times that you don't feel like "working" as you just want to rest. Motivation comes in a few forms really, motivation from your mentor in any aspects, motivation from yourself as to why you need to work, or even motivation from external factor like "hey, I'm working too!".. well something like that. 

Really, it's a lot of work. But I want to do it.. I have to do it. If many people have been successful doing it, why not me. All I need is some patience, some investment, and lots and lots of time!

For a start, this is only what I've come up with, mombiz. Check it out!

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