Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tough decision

Perhaps it was the toughest decision I have to make in my current life. It has to be because I was so stressed about it that I fell sick. I have decided to take Irsyad out from Imtiaz over to MRSM. Why was it such a difficult decision? I felt as though I have sinned! I'm robbing him the chance of being a tahfiz that's why. I still made that decision because I felt that it was the right decision which has been discussed between me, hubby and Irsyad. I took into consideration of the distance, the living condition as well as Irsyad's preference. But I know for sure this is not the decision agreed by many around me. They thought I took it too easy. They thought that I'm too soft, gave in too easily. And they thought I'm not thinking far enough, only thinking of the comfort of life, and not think the life after. But whatever they think of me, be it. It is me who has to raise my son, it is me who has to bear the cost-  cost of time, energy and not to mention RM.
So be it. Perhaps I'm still stressed as it's been over a week now,yet I have yet to recover from my cough and flu! But the decision stays.


SabrinaWM said...

Toyah, why not ask for mrsm gemencheh...dekat sikit and also can do tahfiz.

Mommy dearie said...

Sabrina... decision is not mine alone. That wud be my first choice in the first place but my other half not so keen. My nephew is there in Gemencheh. Irsyad's settling well in Muadzam already.