Friday, February 5, 2010

A prayer for Qistina

Qistina is an 11 year-old daughter of my friend, Dr.Maryna and her hubby, Azhan. She was diagnosed having a condition called hydrocephaulus since she was a baby. She has been treated accordingly with a shunt system in her brain. The system is supposed to last her a lifetime. Somehow recently, things got complicated. The shunt somehow was displaced over time perhaps due to her growth. She is taller than most kids her age and the shunt was inserted when she was a baby. Qistina was in much pain for quite some time (months!) before the doctor discovered the cause. She underwent two surgeries early January to replace the shunt. The doctors discovered the very next day that the shunt was not "properly placed", hence the second surgery. She had high fever one week after the second surgery much to everybody's worries. It was not a good sign in fear of infection or other possible complications. She recovered after a few more days of antibiotics and observations. She has started school this week.

What amazed me is this family's courage, patience and determination over this situation. Qistina's parents are very positive and patient handling her sickness and treatment given. They spent sleepless nights at the hospital taking care of her. I guess that's what all parents would do in times like this. They somehow looked very calm and cool to me despite going through heart-wrenching moments seeing her pain. Not like any stressed and worried parents with a sick child. Qistina is also a very strong child. Though she wailed and screamed in pain, she is determined to make it through.

I pray that she will fully recover with no more complications and lead a normal life as she's supposed to. Having a great parents like hers will definitely help I'm sure. To her parents, well done. I feel for you both, I salute you and I hope you will always be patient and strong for this test Allah has given upon you.

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