Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I bet every mom blogger will be writing about this. Here's my count of the day..

I was out of the house since morning by myself under "a mission" (this will be another entry!) until 5pm. What greeted me was this ..
At the front door...

On the wall in the living hall

Another wall in the living hall

Each of their individual card as they swarmed me when I entered the house.
Apparently they spent the whole day making the cards. Abang made Omar's card. Syasya had 2 cards as one she made at school. It was touching .. really. I have their handmade cards every year actually but this year is rather elaborated since they had time to prepare and surprise me. Abang suggested that we go out to the mall so that he can pick something out for me. But I said the cards are enough and I didn't need any gift. Later we just went out for a drive.
To me I don't need any presents or any special dinner to celebrate me being their mother. Being a mom is already a gift by itself. It's just become even more special when your kids acknowledge, appreciate and most importantly love you as much as love them. Words cannot just describe what being a mother means.
I thank Allah for the gift..
The only thing is that I wish my mom is here so that I can show my appreciation as I don't recall having done that .. well back in those days mom appreciation was not very popular. Those days where moms are just moms.
Al-Fatihah for my mom ...


Fifi said...

Hello there

I really enjoyed your blog ..... you have a stunning family!
You're kids were so sweet with all their Mother's day celebrations for you!


cayoi said... to our zaman kanak2 sgt jauh berbezakan..kita pun sgt aktif tp dgn aktiviti lainkan..our mak tak pernahh tau our activities but amazingly they alway knew we 're up to somethingkan..

Mommy dearie said...

Thanks Fifi.

G, so so true! Zaman dulu mana ada mother's day dok?