Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The things I learn ..

It's amazing what I've learnt or re-learn for the past few years from the kids. Gives me some kind of satisfaction as I educate myself as well as teaching my kids in return ..

Among others:
1) Learn how to tie a necktie as the boys wear real necktie to school. I took it up from the internet. As hubby rarely wears tie and he's not around, I never bother before. Somehow I'm very proud of myself of this new "skill". I'm sure this is like nothing.. but to me, it's really something!

2) Learn the tajwid from Irsyad as I listen to him reading (and reading together) the Quran. This is another something that I treasure. Sometimes I wish to go to agama school with him so that I can learn again. He's definitely more knowledgeable than me in the religion as of now!

3) Refresh my Arabic so that I can help them with their Arabic homework. This is fun!

4) Learn how to use the abacus. Something that I've wanted to learn for a long time. It's very interesting.. Syasya taught me this one and later I help her do her homework using it.

5) Learn to read music notes. My least favorite and most difficult. Had to so that can make help Syasya with her piano lessons. But thankfully she's a fast learner, so I only have to guide her.. not actually teach her.

Life is indeed a learning process. What you learn now may not be useful now and not to you, but it might be later .. and for you to help and to pass on to somebody else.

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