Thursday, March 5, 2009

My SAHM Myths

Here are some myths about Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM)... which I have gathered for the few months I am one... this is somehow not necessarily true for all SAHM.

Myth No.1- I can go out and meet my friends whenever I like
NOT! I have to plan any outing days in advance .... so far I only get to go out my friends twice. Other outings are mainly for groceries and market! The thought of leaving the kids somehow terrifies me these days!

Myth No.2 - I can cook nice meals all the time..
I wish! The excitement of cooking wore out after one month or so. I run out of ideas of what to cook after a while. At that then, I leave it to my maid to cook. I think I cook more when I was working. Even my interests of trying new recipes has waned off!

Myth No.3 - I can blog everyday
No way! There are 1001 things to do. I blog more often when I was working! There are always things to do preventing me from punching the keyboard! This entry sits in the draft for a week before I can actually post it.

Myth No.4 - I can read all the books in the world anytime
NOT too! I'm the type who can't put down a book once I start. Once I start a new book, I shut everything else around me until I'm done with it .. yeap.. including kids, housechores, internet, cooking, etc. The world kinda stop when I'm "in" a book. Really.. I can't afford that!

Myth No.5 - I can accomplish the "to do" list that I have compiled when I was working in no time..
Errr... not yet! Oh dear.. I think I really have to improve my time management again. Things are really not done they way I'd want it too.

I'm not sure how other SAHM are doing it. I'm positive that there are ways I can be more motivated and accomplish more other than just kids kids kids!! There are 1001 things that I want to do. I want to take up classes and educate myself, I want to write more, I want to set up a website, I want to do more and more. The time seems to be so short. And I only realise this when I'm a SAHM.



3yearshousewife said...

Yes, like you I do get disillusioned with the idea of abundant time of doing anything & everything I would like to do when I started staying at home. The reality is there are a lot of anything & everything that I need to do and not would like to do. I guess I might as well just do what need to done on certain days and do what I like to do on certain other days. It kind of work sometimes. Just hang in there, my friend

mamachupan said...

Last year I was a SAHM for two weeks and time really flew in those two weeks. My SAHD pun sungguhlah sibuk that most of his projects are still left half finished..

Mommy dearie said...

Eheh... thank you my friends.. kiranya me not alone la eh!

3yearshousewife.. I think you can relate to me the most since you are SAHM too.. I shall consult with you more!

mamachupan... hmmm dads are like that too huh..