Thursday, September 4, 2008

Merdeka Kids

This is rather a belated entry but I insist to write about it.

The Merdeka Day, recently celebrated by the nation is one of the few events my kids enjoyed. This is what it meant for them:

1. Raising flags.. everywhere they like, in the bedroom, on top of the car, on our gate.. or even have one small flag outside their bags. This year they begged me to buy them one small flag each and one big one for the house. Yup I complied. They waived the small flag alright.. but the big one.. they wrap around their body and do the lion dance!!

2. Sing patriotic song and march in the living room. This will go on for at least 2 weeks, before and after the actual day. Oh yeah.. they love those songs, and they would sing them on top of their voices. This year they learn one new nice song.. Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan.

3. Watch Merdeka Parade and Fireworks.... on TV. I will never bring them to the real one due to the big and "rowdy" crowd. They love to watch the parade as they get to learn about all sorts of accupations according to the uniform, different types of policemen, firemen, soldiers ... and different types of cars they use. They really can learn something from this parade.. of course providing that Mummy watching with them and answer every question they ask.

4. Watch all those patriotic movies screened on TV. They especially love those with the Japanese soldiers. Again I have to explain a lot of things the Japanese did!!

This year they also get to learn about all the Malaysian states from a newspaper pull-out which has details of each state, the flag, the state song, the main town, etc..and so on.

Though I am no history buff able to tell the real history to them.. at least I do try my best telling them about this country, here and there. The most important thing is, it's an educational thingy. And perhaps inject some patriotism in them.. to be loyal to the country. I hope I feed them the right facts though!!!!

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