Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Fasting Eussuv

Ramadhan is here again. Alhamdulillah. I guess every parent would face a tough time teaching the kids to fast, well at least in the beginning. Same here!

Didn't have so much problem with Irsyad (as usual).. as it comes naturally to him. At 6 years-old he managed 15 days.. could have completed 20days but he got chicken pox on the last week.

Eussuv on the other hand, had only 1 day last year - he was 7 then. This year, I am quite determined that he must at least try - a few days. I did not expect much becos I don't want to force him. But I have reminded him many many times that this year he must be strong and try to fast as many days as he could.

So, this is how it went for the past 3 days:

Day 1: Happily bangun sahur and eat rice, slowly. Kept himself busy with TV, PS2 and computer games during the day.. Mummy kept asking "Eussuv, are u OK?". And he confidently smiled and said "I'm OK!". Fine. The day before the boys have discussed that they wanted to go play football at the playground as usual. I said, we'll see first, surely you'll be too tired to play, it's the first day of fasting!".. Well, I was wrong! Both of them went off to play football! Eussuv was very happy and playful as usual. No complaint at all. I was VERY surprised. By the time they got back from the playground, it was already close to 7pm. I could see Eussuv's tired face. But still no complain. He managed to complete it till the end with no complaint, no whining!! Well done! By 8:30pm, he's already deep asleep.. what a day for him..

Day 2: School day. Sahur with rice, mummy suap.. ! Reached home from school at 6pm. looked at the watch and said .. "lambatnya!! Baru pukul 6???" .. and keep saying that until berbuka. He had 4 different types of cold drinks in front of him (buat sendiri!!) ..and keep stirring it while watching the clock! He completed day 2.

Day 3: Another school day. Looking more energetic. Bought himself cold drinks from a stall near his schook while waiting for the van. Completed day 3. Down by 8:30pm.

So.. it was OK after all. I'm glad I did not force him last year and it seemed to be quite natural to him this year. Perhaps he's a bit babyish.. perhaps his maturity comes later as compared to Abang.

We really should not underestimate our kids. Though I know I should also not compare Irsyad and Eussuv, but when you have a good benchmark to start with, you cannot help but compare. By now, I really understood that they are different and have different paces of development, of which I should be able to know and guide them accordingly.

Not easy being a parent huh!


Amalina said...

Mmg tuhan bagi berbeza2... ada senang.. ada susah sikit.. so boleh la dapat pahala lebih kalau banyak sabar..

Auny ok je puasa.. nu'man emm.. sahur bangun.. makan lebih banyak dari org puasa.. tapi tak puasa pun.. rasanya dia macam eussuv jugak.. banyak main..

mamachupan said...

Congratulation Eussovv.. ! Well-done!

Mommy dearie said...

I think it's all individual.. si Eussuv ni manja terlebih. The second child syndrome! Hahah.. whatever it is.. I'm glad dia dah boleh puasa.