Thursday, August 29, 2013

1001 things your kids should do and see - Part Deux

I noticed that this topic of my previous post has the most views of all my posts. I like it too because it's kinda real. But now that the kids have somehow grown so fast I believe they need a new set of the above. The first set of what I've written was somehow a bit general. These new ones will somehow address their teenage years and journey into it or into the adulthood. Here they are, picked at random from the same book but of different sections.

# they need to see you struggle with difficulties

# they need to learn that life is NOT ALL ABOUT THEM!

# they need manners. This will carry them far in the adult world

# they need to learn the rules.. especially if they intend to break them!

# they need to get things done. Homework assignments. Tasks. Chores. College enrollment forms.

# they need to grasps the sacrifice their parents have made to get them this far

# they need to learn about money - about savings, spendings, budgeting, bankings, investments...

# they need to be able to talk to adults.. not just cross their arms, stare at the floor and mumble something

There are so much more that I wish my kids will be imposed upon or think that it'd be great if my kids could do it. But surprisingly, in this technology age some of the things mentioned are not relevant anymore. So sad.

So anyway those are the part deux which was rather borrriinnggg...

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