Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The long overdue update

Not that it matters to anyone if I update this blog but I do feel responsible to update it as I've started it in the first place. And some more this lazy fingers have not been punching the keyboard for the longest time. These days the only typing I do is just write some simple comments on Facebook postings, some even abbreviated. Oh what writing! Here I am now trying to be as interesting to write this post. Trying to make interesting and attractive stories are the hardest...

2013 has proven the most challenging so far. Challenging as the kids are growing too fast, time is flying too fast, and I'm too busy thinking and planning what will become of us... kids and all..realising no matter what, time does not stand still. It flies, so fast .. and still we are getting nowhere. Or surely getting somewhere but not exactly towards the direction I wanted it to be. And it's already JUNE!

Irsyad is sitting for his big exam this year. Doing very well in his exams and co-curriculum that it amazed me! Well at least something good is happening in this household. I thank God for that. Eussuv is ever worrying about the latest gadget in town and he's not getting it! Ouchhhh! Syasya is ever the sweetest little girl who's helping around the house like she's the master of the house, and also always updated with the latest songs on the Billboard.. and singing it! And my little baby, Ryan is no longer a baby.... wuahhhahah... he's already in the same futsal team with abangs. And he's on YouTube watching whatever video with the word "police" or "lego". And he'll be playing police or smackdown with abang. No more baby smell... and he no longer like being cuddled! Now I am beginning to think that I AM OLD! Ouch!

Having said that.. perhaps it's a normal life after all. Just some hard glitches that I have to overcome. I am working on something all the time as to improve life. I thank God for all that I have. It's a matter of time.. a matter of hard work. And lots of tawakkal..

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi, this coming to you from Canada. I enjoyed reading your very stylish eloquence.
Yes, keep on blogging, whatever. And have fun.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.