Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's leaving

Ramadhan is leaving. Alhamdulillah, surprisingly some of my prayers were answered. The magic of Ramadhan. This year we are blessed with a lot of rezeki (lots of food on the table, lots of sedekah from neighbors and friends. I am so touched!), things seemed to be running smoothly. With just a little conflict. I'd say it's a good one. I hope it will be for the rest of the week. 

Kids are fasting without much problem except for Omar who still have no idea about fasting. But I'm not worried since he's only 5! Irsyad fasts for the first time away from home. The only problem he had in the beginning is to get up for sahur as there's no system to wake someone up but by yourself, or your friend. He missed sahur a few times because he couldn't get up. But eventually he got the hang of it and got up by himself. He also had to endure the dining hall dishes which is of course far different from homecooked food.. With very limited pocket money he has, he sometimes buy food from the Ramadhan Bazaar which is situated right in front of his school. And now nearing Syawal, he's beginning to feel the balik kampung spirit as everyone is eager to go home for Syawal. I think this is the best part of staying in a hostel. He's taking a bus from school and daddy will fetch him at the bus station. I hope things will go well for him.
We have yet to bake any cookies. Will do so perhaps a day or two before the big day. They can't wait for that moment too. I hope I won't be too tired to do it! 

Here I'd like to wish everyone, Eid Mubarak. May your Eid will be a meaningful and safe one. Have a safe journey home.

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