Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Orang Gaji"

Once upon a time.. long time ago, surprisingly I remember, I told my late mom this - When I grow up I want to be "orang gaji". Then of course mom had to ask me why. And the typical me answered.. "oh because I can just stay at home and no need to go to school or work!" Lazy bum! Poor mom for having such 'ambitious' daughter. This day, whenever people ask me what I am or where I work, I happily tell them .."I'm a bibik" which is almost equivalent to "orang gaji" except in my case with a lot more responsibilities with much less "gaji" or none at all!

A few days ago I asked a friend, who is currently pursuing her PhD, of her next step after PhD. She said she wanted to work but it'll be difficult for her to find a job because most of the time employers will say that she's over qualified, and she's not an academician where her PhD will be most sought after. So I asked her again, why in the first place she's pursuing a PhD. She said - to accomplish a personal mission. Ohhhh... Then I told her, long time ago I wanted to be (is that considered personal mission?) "orang gaji", and I am now one. So should I graduate now considering mission is accomplished and move on to take on another challenge? In life so far being "orang gaji" is the most challenging job I've ever had, mentally and physically. No kidding!

Thinking and weighing....


mamachupan said...

Toyah, I nak jadi tukang sapu sampah. for the same reason as yours. tak yah pi kerja/sekolah..:-)

Mommy dearie said...

haha... so i guess ramai org bercita2 mcm kita for the same reason kot.