Monday, June 6, 2011

Omar's antiques

Ryan Omar, my youngest child is not only playful and babyish, he's also funny and unpredictable. The following were heard these last few days...

Scene 1: Omar watching Playhouse Disney
Mom : Omar... mandi. Dah nak maghrib ni...
Omar: Mom! The TV said don't go away... (commercial break)... so macam mana Omar nak mandi..!
Mom : Ouhhhhhhhh!!!
Scene 2: Omar playing Lego and chatting with kakak
Omar : Kakak, kalau boy meets gal, then diaorang kawin then dapat anak, mesti dia gemuk..
Kakak : Huh? Sapa gemuk?
Omar : Orang lelaki lah...
Kakak : Ohhh... ye ke?
Omar : Ye lah... tengok Daddy tu.. kan gemuk!
Kakak : Eh tak semestinya... tengok uncle Herman tu.. tak gemuk pun (referring to my BIL)
Omar : (quiet and continue playing)
Mommy in the kitchen : (oucchhh... poor Daddy!)

Scene 3 : Omar watching TV with Abang
Omar suddenly turned to Abang and said...
Omar : Abang... jom main lawan lawan..
Abang : Abang nak tengok TV ni
Omar : Alahhh Abang .. dah lama kita tak main lawan-lawan. Kat asrama ada tak orang main lawan lawan?
Abang : Tak ada..
Omar : Ha habis tu jom lahh.. (and with that he attacked Abang.. and the wrestling session begins..)

Oh Omar... the entertainer!


mamachupan said...

Sooo cute..

Vie said...

Listening to kids'chats are really fun. They're the source of creativity and inspiration.