Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If this blog can talk, I'm sure he felt abondoned! I have no time nor the passion to write for the past one month. Blame it on the festive season and the office workload that I have!

But I've been doing some blogging in my head.. really! These are what I wanted to talk about but never get around to sit down and write:
1) The famous hari raya (0f course)
2) My extended "retirement" .. duhhh!
3) Hand Foot and Mouth (something the kids infected with just before puasa)
4) Ear infection (something Eussuv is prone to since he was a baby and having it at this very moment - he has 4 days of MC this week)
5) The growing up boy - this is rather a sentimental feeling of a mother!

And really.. there are other tons of things that I can write about but never get around to do it.. (excuses.. excuses!)

Oh well... perhaps some day!!

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